Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Triston is checking out his family members - The monkeys! I can not keep him down from anything these days!

Fishing at Salem Pond

Thanks to our babysitters, aunt Corinne and Josh, the boys spent a day fishing at Salem Pond. Everyone had a successful day. Bryton is showing off his catch!

Back to School!

Yeah!- I can finally get some peace and quite around here-not. Bryton started 4th grade this year and wants to know where all the new cute girls are. He has always had an eye for the ladies. Ashton makes me count how many more nights until kindergarten starts EVERY night. Tomorrow is the big day and we are all jumping for joy. Two in school and one more to go. How time flies. Triston is just starting the terrible two's, a few months early, but with full speed no doubt.

A trip to the Zoo

I took the three amigos to the zoo a few weeks ago. Bryton & Ashton both liked the gorillas best! Triston liked the food best as you can see by the chocolate on his face!

The hike to Timpanogos cave

Aunt Corinne, Bryton, Ashton, and myself hiked to the Timpanogos Cave in Aug. Corinne, Bryton, & Ashton stop to rest and pose for a picture.